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iParenting Award Winner
Disney's iParenting Names Jenda a

Welcome to Finger-String.com, home of Jenda!

Have you ever missed an important appointment or been embarassed because you forgot a loved one's anniversary or birthday? If you answered yes, Jenda, the Lifetime Voice Calendar is the perfect solution.

With just the push of a button Jenda records all of your important dates and appointments in your own voice. Jenda is fast, simple to use - essential for any busy family, office or student.

Mommies with Style find Jenda is a hit with the whole family!

Life organized and simplified


It's as Easy as      
Select the desired
month and date
Press and hold
button to record message
Light blinks alerting you to new messages

Press Today to listen!
arrow, leads to how jenda works

See Jenda in action!