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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What kind of batteries does Jenda use?
A. Jenda uses 3 AAA Alkaline batteries.
Q. Do I lose my messages when I change the batteries?
A. No, even if you let your batteries completely run out your messages will still be there.
Q. How do I know when the batteries are getting low?
A. Jenda will "tell" you - low batteries will prompt a message from Jenda.
Q. Does Jenda automatically reset for Daylight Savings Time?
A. No. You will have to press and hold the Date/Time button to set the new time.
Q. If I press To Do List and Record again, am I making a new message? or recording over the old one?
A. You are creating a new one. To listen to all lists, press To Do List, then use the Skip, Repeat or Delete buttons to keep a message without listening, listen again, or delete.
Q. Are my old appointments saved?
A. Your calendar messages are saved for 30 days and then deleted to make room for new items. To listen to an old message, press the month and date. Messages for the upcoming year are played first, followed by old messages.