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How Jenda Works


Select the month: April
Select the date: 2


As Jenda announces the date,
press and hold
the record button,
speak clearly toward Jenda

Tip: There is no need to wait for the announcement to finish


On April 2, the Today light will blink, indicating you have a message.

Press Today to hear your message.

Download the Quick Start instructions (pdf)

Yearly Reminders:
After selecting the month and date, select "Yearly", then press and hold record and say your message clearly.

Weekly Reminders:
Select a day of the week, for example Wednesday, select "Weekly", then press and hold "Record" and say your message clearly. Press Wednesday to listen to weekly reminders as well as dated messages for the coming Wednesday.

To Do Messages:
Select "To Do List", press and hold "Record", say your to do list clearly. Press "To Do List" to hear all reminders. "Skip" or "Erase" old messages.

Mounts Three Ways: