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Jenda Fits in Your Life

Your Life fits Jenda

This flexible, easy-to-use calendaring solution can be used by anyone, anytime, anywhere. No matter what kind of schedule, Jenda owners have found it an indispensable way to keep on track.

No more deciphering handwriting - record messages in your own voice!

Jenda comes with magnets, wall mounts and a desk stand to keep it convenient wherever your life happens!

It even tells when the batteries need to be replaced.

What could be easier?

At Home:

Your home life is hectic and your kitchen is your command center.

Jenda keeps up with your crowded and ever-changing schedule.

Jenda is quick and easy to use - no computer to boot up, no software to learn.

So easy even young children are leaving and listening to messages before you can say "Bob's your uncle!"


At the Office:

Keep your calendar at your fingertips.

Record phone numbers, messages, and reminders for easy retrieval at the push of a button.

Not at your desk? Colleagues can record a message more quickly than leaving a voicemail or writing email.

For Busy Professionals:

Professional couples use Jenda to coordinate work, travel and home time.

Have housemates? Use Jenda to assign household chores using the weekly feature, schedule the party for the big game, or leave a message that you took the last soda, but are stopping at the store for more later.

For Seniors:

From volunteering to lunch with the girls to theater to Dr.'s appointments, you've got a full schedule. Jenda keeps you organized and moving.

Schedule special time with grandchildren - record their voice making a playdate!

Record the whole family's birthdays - just once - and be reminded for years to come

For students - at home or in the dorm:

Keep track of your study sessions and term papers.

Schedule sports practice, games and tournaments.

Are you available to babysit Friday night? Press Friday to find that you're free!