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Our customers love Jenda!

"The product is so easy to use. My 8-year-old son loves it. We use it to keep track of his busy schedule. And his friends come over and think it's pretty cool."
"I no longer use post-it notes, which I usually lose anyhow."
"Boy, was this easy to set up! The instructions were very clear."
"I like the speed in which you are able to leave a message. I certainly couldn't write it that fast, not to mention finding pen and paper!"
"My kids love checking the Jenda every morning and telling me what is going on for the day."
“I saw the calendar and was intrigued by it. I figured it would be great for all pastors and anyone with a busy schedule. I’m in and out of the office, so it stays in the car. I check it first thing in the morning, and then every few hours. I love the product.