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Jenda Tips and Hints

Speak clearly and directly at the Jenda™
Leave birthday or anniversary reminder messages a day or two before, allowing time to get a card or gift.
If you travel frequently, leave messages for your family each day you're away from home. Kids love hearing messages for them!
Leave messages for loved ones. Purchase Jenda as a gift and preload messages of encouragement for your college student, or hello's to out of state family members and friends.
Keep Jenda in the car. The easy interface and one touch recording make it perfect for recording reminders or phone numbers on the go.
To quickly set the time, instead of using the Skip button to scroll through the hours and minutes, simply press the number button. For example, for 10:27, simply press the "10" during the hour setup, and the "27" when setting the minutes.
When selecting a date, you do not need to wait for the unit to stop talking to start recording your message.